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Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub is the quintessential destination for anyone seeking the authentic flavors of Dublin right in the heart of Hollywood. Whether it’s a pint of Guinness, a plate of fish ‘n’ chips, or a classic shepherd’s pie, this unassuming yet classic pub delivers exactly what one would expect from an establishment in the heart of the Irish capital.

What sets Mickey Byrne’s apart is not only its delectable offerings but also its warm and welcoming staff, who treat patrons like long-lost friends.

The pub derives its name from a legendary Tipperary hurling icon, Mickey Byrne, which adds to its storied charm. Notably, sports play a significant role in shaping the pub’s ambiance. Mickey’s proudly hosts all major sporting events, offering the NFL ticket, MLB ticket, College Football, NBA, USA Men’s & Women’s Soccer, and Champions League Soccer on their expansive big-screen TVs and projectors.

Moreover, the pub stands as the epicenter for many of Hollywood’s beloved annual events, including the eagerly anticipated Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub is not just a place to savor Irish fare; it’s a vibrant hub where camaraderie, sports, and community come together to create cherished memories.