Thermographic photo image of the back of the upper body of a woman with the photo showing different temperature in a range of colors from blue showing cold to red showing hot which can indicate joint inflammation. Shows the complete spine.

Best Medical Imaging Services

Hollywood Diagnostics Center

The Hollywood Diagnostics Center (HDC) brings three decades of medical excellence to its imaging center. HDC’s goal is to provide every medical diagnostic service available in an efficient, caring and professional manner. They perform over 30,000 procedures annually and are the clear leader in South Florida. No wonder they were voted the Best Medical Imaging Service Provider by the readers of Our City Hollywood.

Early detection leads to accurate diagnosis and treatment. The innovative, cutting-edge medical equipment at HDC ensures patients receive the best possible care and are comfortable during the procedures. This can mean the difference between catching something early or not. That is why Hollywood Diagnostics Center was voted Best Medical Imaging Center by the readers of Our City!