Perfectly plated white fish

Best Waterfront Dining Restaurant

GG’s Waterfront 

In Hollywood, some places simply let their surroundings do the talking, and GG’s Waterfront is unquestionably one of them. GG’s is synonymous with the pinnacle of fine dining, offering an unparalleled culinary experience. As diners savor their delectable offerings, they are treated to the picturesque sight of yachts gliding along the Intracoastal Waterway.

The restaurant’s elegance is showcased in its dining room, which is thoughtfully positioned just off the open kitchen, providing guests with a front-row seat to the chef’s culinary artistry. For an exceptional evening, be sure to secure a seat at the outdoor bar, especially on a pleasant night. There, you’ll witness a breathtaking sunset over the harbor that will leave you awe-struck. It’s undoubtedly one of the most captivating views in Hollywood.

As for the cuisine, GG’s Waterfront consistently delivers dishes that are not only crafted with precision and care but also presented with artistic flair. A favorite among patrons is starting their meals with fresh raw oysters, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience. Whether you opt for the phenomenal grouper or the exquisite salmon, the chef tailors each dish to your preference. If you’re in search of an exceptional meal or looking to make a lasting impression, look no further than GG’s Waterfront – the crown jewel of Hollywood’s culinary scene.